Get Started - What You Need to Know

For yourself or someone you know:

• Bail of $2000 or less
• Charged in Boone County
• Charged with a nonviolent offense
• No warrants from other jurisdictions
RMF Community Bail Fund Application FormOr call us and leave a message: 573-723-1682
What happens next?
• We will contact you based on the information you submit.
• We may research your case.
• We will let you know if you qualify.
• If you qualify, we will verify that you are still in custody.
• Volunteers will come to the jail to pay your bail.
• You will fill out a form showing that after trial the court will refund your bail to RMF.
• We will remind you of your court date and and come to your hearings and trial.

Need Bail? Message Us

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