CPS Timeline

This blog will serve as a living document to collect and organize articles and documents relevant to CPS discrepancies in treatment, opportunities, and disciplinary outcomes of black, LGBTQIA+, and special needs children enrolled in Columbia Public Schools.

2019: Smithton Middle School -- wrongfully identifies 14 yr old black female student as involved in altercation to Columbia Police Department, Tony Ash. Student was arrested and processed at the Juvenile holding facility until footage emerged publicly exonerating her from involvement. This same footage was provided to Principal Chris Drury prior to his decision to have her arrested by a student who had recorded the altercation. Upon return to school, she was bullied and harassed extensively for her arrest, by students and staff alike, ultimately leading her to attempt suicide.

2019.09.05 -- CPD Officer Faces Discipline for Wrongful Arrest at Smithton Middle School. Missourian

2019.05.10 -- Complaint: Middle School Student Spiraled After Wrongful Arrest. Columbia Tribune

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