Race Matters, Friends

is a nonprofit group united in the struggle for racial equity in Columbia, Missouri. We nurture conversations and actions about racial equity, racism, and structural inequality in Columbia, Missouri; the United States; and the world.

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Community Bail Fund

Secure Someone’s Freedom

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“Innocent until proven guilty” should not depend on race or income, but in America that is the reality. When someone gets locked up and can’t afford to pay their bail, they have two choices: plead guilty to the crime, or sit in jail until our backlogged courts can bring them to trial, which in many cases can take years. Even a week could affect someone's job, living arrangement, or custody of their children. We believe that people shouldn’t have to plead guilty to a crime they may not have committed just because they can’t afford a bail payment, which is why we’re paying people’s bail.

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2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, Bethel Church, 201 E. Old Plank Rd., Columbia MO 65203. Potlucks on the 2nd Wed at 6pm, regular meeting starts at 6:30pm


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1st and 3rd Mondays of every month. City Hall, 701 E Broadway, Columbia MO 65201


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Race Matters, Friends has both a page @racemattersfriends and a discussion group @racemattersfriendscomo


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Sells' Racist Comments and Apology

September 20, 2020
This ridiculous conflating of kneeling to demand justice as somehow an offensive gesture to veterans is a bunch of made-up gobbledygook out of white ignorance and fear.
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Guest Post: Biases

September 9, 2020
Source: Cyndi Smith Frisby. This blog was copied from a Facebook thread excerpt dated 9/9/2020. Shared with Permission. Confirmation Bias What It Is: The tendency to selectively search for, interpret, and recall information that confirms one’s pre-existing beliefs. These beliefs persist and get stronger even when presented with contradicting evidence. Example of Confirmation Bias: A […]
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Race Matters, Friends Sends Open Letter RE: Violence at Local Protests

June 10, 2020
Our organizations call upon the police to prioritize the arrests of any person(s) who use(s) a vehicle to intimidate or injure protesters - and complete transparency to the public about their response.
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2101 W Broadway, 
Ste 103, PMB 300, 
Columbia MO 65203
(636) 542-8838
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